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Company director labels Fair Work the"mafia" as watchdog issues more than $30,000 in penalties for ignoring unfair dismissal rulingDominic PowellSmartCompany3 April 2017
Perth business taken to court over claims it discriminated against a pregnant employee by refusing her return to workEmma KoehnSmartCompany20 March 2017
Domino's hit by claims that franchisees are asking employees for cash in return for visasEmma KoehnSmartCompany13 February 2017
Brisbane business ordered to pay $5000 in unfair dismissal case despite raising concerns over worker's performanceEmma KoehnSmartCompany31 January 2017
Seven newsreader brings unfair dismissal claim: What are your obligations to staff on parental leave?Emma KoehnSmartCompany16 January 2017
Two businessmen fined over $130,000 in staff wage deductions as four-year long Fair Work case comes to an endDominic PowellSmart Company24 October 2016
Fair Work rules airline was within rights to sack supervisor who shared sexually explicit photos with colleaguesEloise KeatingSmart Company19 October 2016
Worker wins $10,000 in compo after being sacked amid claims he downloaded porn on a work computerEmma KoehnSmart Company4 October 2016
Energy drink company raises eyebrows with search for unpaid intern to work 200+ hoursDominic PowellSmart Company22 September 2016
Hinch'Žs concerns prompt McDonald's to revamp hiring policies but experts say SMEs should take care when checking employeesŽ criminal historiesEmma KoehnSmart Company15 September 2016
The unfair dismissal trends your business needs to knowPatrick StaffordSmart Company5 September 2016
Media company fined $270,000 for underpaying interns: Lessons for your businessMax StainkamphSmartCompany6 June 2016
Why this sushi business was ordered to pay a former employee $25,000Broede CarmodySmartCompany14 April 2016
Worker loses unfair dismissal bid after allegedly throwing colleague in a swimming pool at work Christmas partyRonelle RichardsSmartCompany28 January 2016
International student underpaid more than $20,000 because she was "not an Aussie"Broede CarmodySmartCompany25 January 2016
Botox salesman awarded $21,000 after being sacked over alleged travel and expenses misconductBroede CarmodySmartCompany18 January 2016
Human rights court rules it's OK for employers to read the personal messages of workersEloise KeatingSmartCompany14 January 2016
Former Visa Global Logistics employee wins $21,000 after being sacked for telling co-worker to "go and punch" someone in the faceBroede CarmodySmartCompany10 November 2015
UK worker sacked by text message for liking Facebook post: Could the same thing happen in Australia?Eloise KeatingSmartCompany4 November 2015
Ah McCain, you've employed him again: Electrician wins job back after workplace brawlBroede CarmodySmartCompany15 October 2015
Fair Work rules in favour of SME that sacked employee for spending company time working on his own competing businessEloise KeatingSmartCompany24 September 2015
Former employee launches $4.6 million lawsuit against Clive Palmer over "sham contract"SmartCompanySmartCompany8 September 2015
Judge rules restaurant manager wasn't sacked because of his sexual orientationBroede CarmodySmartCompany17 August 2015
CBA worker claims micromanaging and bullying over clean desk policyEloise KeatingSmartCompany11 August 2015
Abetz OK with Hutchinson firing workers by text message but lawyer says it's not a great ideaEloise KeatingSmartCompany11 August 2015
Productivity Commission recommends hybrid enterprising bargaining contracts for SMEs: What it means for your businessEloise KeatingSmartCompany5 August 2015
Woman awarded $27,000 after being sacked for working in same office as "abusive" husbandEloise KeatingSmartCompany28 July 2015
Former public servant loses compo bid after seeking $67,000 in remedial massages to treat post-traumatic stressBroede CarmodySmartCompany23 July 2015
Tram driver loses unfair dismissal bid after Twitter user complains about texting on the jobEloise KeatingSmartCompany14 July 2015
Plumber's unfair dismissal case goes down the drain after using work phone to access dating sites and pornBroede CarmodySmartCompany8 July 2015
Lorna Jane pulls job ad for receptionist and "fit model" with bust and waist requirements: Be careful what you recruit forEloise KeatingSmartCompany6 July 2015
Former Capgemini executive sues over sex discrimination after she was accused of running a feminist campaignKirsten RobbSmartCompany16 June 2015
Mechanic loses unfair dismissal bid after alleged outburst over Christmas party: "I'm not f-cking going because I'm not f-cking drinking with f-cking Captain Klepto!"Kirsten RobbSmartCompany15 June 2015
Portaloo delivery driver wins back job as Coates' case goes down the toiletKirsten RobbSmartCompany4 June 2015
Businessman faces court after being accused of underpaying hairdressers nearly $40,000Andrew SadauskasSmartCompany27 May 2015
Bank manager loses unfair dismissal claim after lying about "closed door" affair with an employeeEloise KeatingSmartCompany19 May 2015
Convicted sex offender who asked to work from jail loses unfair dismissal appeal against ATOKirsten RobbSmartCompany30 April 2015
Fair Work rules manager unfairly dismissed despite costing retailer $600,000: "We're the victim of a very broken system"Eloise KeatingSmartCompany20 April 2015
Nando's restaurant grilled for withholding Korean worker's wagesBroede CarmodySmartCompany17 April 2015
The cost of putting two slabs of beer for the work Christmas party on the company credit cardKirsten RobbSmartCompany10 April 2015
Fair Work finds performance improvement is not bullying: Three tips for a litigation-proof performance management planCara WatersSmartCompany16 March 2015
Fair Work Ombudsman not paid record $41,182.50 fine as Melbourne gym is put into liquidationAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany12 March 2015
Former employee awarded $4000 after being sacked for cancelling school booking for stripper busesBroede CarmodySmartCompany6 March 2015
Holy poly: Worker loses discrimination claim after being sacked for her "polyamorous" lifestyleEloise KeatingSmartCompany17 February 2015
Bottle shop worker wins unfair dismissal case after Fair Work rules he wasn't a casual employeeEloise KeatingSmartCompany11 February 2015
Chicken shop owner plucks $50 from employees' pay after suspected theftBroede CarmodySmartCompany4 February 2015
Hospital worker who was asked for a threesome at work Christmas party awarded $9000 in sexual harassment caseEloise KeatingSmartCompany8 December 2014
"I'm going to f-cking kill you" Employee fails in compo claim for post-traumatic stress injury caused by anti-bullying seminarEloise KeatingSmartCompany4 December 2014
Pregnant hairdressing apprentice awarded $5000 after her boss "changed her attitude" towards herEloise KeatingSmartCompany25 November 2014
Retirement village business cops fine from Fair Work for $2.5 million underpaymentCara WatersSmartCompany19 November 2014
Clothing retailer forced to wear $40,000 fine for underpaying teenage workerAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany12 November 2014
Former fish and chip shop operator grilled by judge, fined $95,000Broede CarmodySmartCompany7 November 2014
Court blocks manager who launched business competing against his old employerAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany29 October 2014
Employee to fight unfair dismissal after being sacked for personal use of company laptopKirsten RobbSmartCompany22 October 2014
Court finds employee unfairly dismissed after "liking" a Facebook commentCara WatersSmartCompany20 October 2014
HR manager fails in bullying claim over her Italian backgroundEloise KeatingSmartCompany14 October 2014
Fair Work finds telling a worker to "f-ck off" is unfair dismissalEloise KeatingSmartCompany9 October 2014
Crumby chef who cooked up chicken schnitzel swindle ordered to pay $70,000Cara WatersSmartCompany1 October 2014
"Remorseless" childcare operator fined almost $20,000 for underpaying staff and not complying with employer watchdogBroede CarmodySmartCompany26 September 2014
Pot smoking ferry driver's reinstatement overturnedKirsten RobbSmartCompany16 September 2014
Convoluted, complex and of questionable relevance: Small business owners tell Fair Work to overhaul awardsKirsten RobbSmartCompany9 September 2014
Former childcare centre owner slammed for allegedly paying workers $2.15 an hourEloise KeatingSmartCompany4 September 2014
Melbourne business owner who called out internship rorts faces court over employing unpaid internsKirsten RobbSmartCompany26 August 2014
Worker denied further compensation for potato sack race Christmas party injuryEloise KeatingSmartCompany26 August 2014
Hungry Jack's in court over carpark death, Visy and Veolia also facing chargesEloise KeatingSmartCompany21 August 2014
Is Fair Work taking the piss? Truck driver awarded $16,128 in unfair dismissal compensation after urinating on a Woolies warehouseAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany20 August 2014
Poor pay practices just the start, say overseas workers underpaid $20,000Kirsten RobbSmartCompany19 August 2014
Fair Work orders Qantas to reinstate flight attendants who were sacked for allegedly misusing Cabcharge cardsAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany15 August 2014
Melbourne gym faces landmark court case after ignoring a Fair Work unfair dismissal rulingAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany13 August 2014
Judge orders Sydney carwash to clean up its act over $177,000 in underpaymentsKirsten RobbSmartCompany8 August 2014
ANZ employee claims she was threatened with disciplinary action for refusing internal pelvic exam with company doctorKirsten RobbSmartCompany8 August 2014
Former employee files Fair Work claim over Frances Abbott's scholarship investigationCara WatersSmartCompany31 July 2014
Tribunal backs suspension of ecstasy-taking bus driverCara WatersSmartCompany28 July 2014
Fair Work rules dismissal of employee with known mental health issues unfairEloise KeatingSmartCompany10 July 2014
Personal internet use unfair dismissal case fails due to poor investigationAndrew SadauskasvSmartCompany2 July 2014
Cafe grilled over docking pay for pork that "wasn't crispy enough"Kirsten RobbSmartCompany27 June 2014
Fair Work finds making staff visit a company-picked doctor can be reasonableAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany25 June 2014
Employee accused of smacking two-year-old child wins unfair dismissal caseAndrew SadauskasSmartCompany18 June 2014
Business unlikely to roll over on paid leave for pet deathsKirsten RobbSmartCompany30 May 2014
Fair Work dismisses bullying claim as behaviour "bordering upon unreasonable"Cara WatersSmartCompany22 May 2014
Fair Work Commission approves one day's notice of redundancyCara WatersSmartCompany13 May 2014
Running on empty: Petrol business in court over claims workers were underpaid almost $50,000Melinda OliverSmartCompany19 February 2014
The missing Milo mystery: Coles loses unfair dismissal case for sacking employee who took home chocolate drink powderYolanda RedrupSmartCompany12 February 2014
Gold Coast council cleaners fighting for jobs after being dismissed for taking a breakYolanda RedrupSmartCompany6 February 2014
Breadtop bakery opts to self-audit pay packets following complaintsYolanda RedrupSmartCompany24 January 2014
Noodle chain accused of short-changing workers, paying them $530 for 60 hours a weekCara WatersSmartCompany21 January 2014
Your 2014 legal, tax and super bible: What the government's changing and how it affects youMyriam RobinSmartCompany15 January 2014
GV Bargains cops record-breaking Fair Work fine for pregnancy discrimination caseYolanda RedrupSmartCompany11 November 2013
Bluescope Steel employee reinstated after botched investigationMyriam RobinSmartCompany11 November 2013
Coalition moving ahead with plans to reinstate Australian Building and Construction Commission in first sittingPatrick StaffordSmartCompany24 September 2013
Rivers boss settles out of court in sexual harassment casePatrick StaffordSmartCompany3 September 2013
Follow the rules, and still get fined: Why this Chinese company was fined by Fair Work even after doing the right thingYolanda RedrupSmartCompany2 September 2013
FWC judges electrical company winner in unfair dismissalMelinda OliverSmartCompany5 July 2013
Real estate agency cops $27,000 fine after paying salesman $100 for five months' workCara WatersSmartCompany2 July 2013
Thrifty Car Rental gets thrifty with older worker's wageYolanda RedrupSmartCompany24 June 2013
School tuckshop cops $24,000 fine in Fair Work Ombudsman caseOlivia ShyingSmartCompany14 June 2013
Fair Work Ombudsman targets Melbourne retailers after complaints from casual workersOlivia ShyingSmartCompany11 June 2013
Ombudsman claims three transport company employees underpaid almost $250,000Cara WatersSmartCompany6 June 2013
What business groups want but won't get on IR this electionMyriam RobinSmartCompany14 May 2013
Fair Work Commission to grant pro bono legal services for SMEs in unfair dismissal casesYolanda RedrupSmartCompany7 May 2013
Massive influx of bullying claims expected under proposed new lawsCara WatersSmartCompany26 April 2013
Fruit and vegetable store hit with $166,000 fine for sham contractingCara WatersSmartCompany22 April 2013
Fair Work Ombudsman slams Canberra restaurant over contracts used to avoid wage obligationsYolanda RedrupSmartCompany14 March 2013
Australian mine workers fired over 'Harlem Shake', experts warn to clamp downPatrick StaffordSmartCompany5 March 2013
Fair Work no-show: Employee wins unfair dismissal compensation after employer doesn't put up an argumentPatrick StaffordSmartCompany21 February 2013
Fair Work's internship crackdown: What you need to knowMyriam RobinSmartCompany7 February 2013
Former owners of Melbourne wholesaler underpay worker $64,000 - FWO issues stern warningYolanda RedrupSmartCompany6 February 2013
"F-ck you all!" Fair Work compensation ruling after workplace Facebook argumentPatrick StaffordSmartCompany5 February 2013
Fair Work Ombudsman fines transport company, orders it to pay $220,000 back to staffYolanda RedrupSmartCompany5 February 2013
Fair Work Commission awards fashion employee 22 weeks' pay for unfair dismissalYolanda RedrupSmartCompany24 January 2013
Concreter sacked for smirking during reprimand wins unfair dismissal casePatrick StaffordSmartCompany17 January 2013
Employment lawyer fights back to defend his reputation after Slipper and McInnes casesCara WatersSmartCompany16 January 2013
Warning on commission payments after FWO orders $10,000 back pay for real estate agentCara WatersSmartCompany14 January 2013
Should I pay a former employee to "go away"?Aunty BSmartCompany8 January 2013
Tax Office employee wins payout for bullying claimCara WatersSmartCompany18 December 2012
Why Mark McInnes will be grinning after judge's damning findings in the Peter Slipper caseCara WatersSmartCompany13 December 2012
They're forcing us to take more holidays. Help!Aunty BSmartCompany12 December 2012
The 2012 legal guide to Christmas parties - the story you need to send round the office todayPatrick StaffordSmartCompany7 December 2012
Australian workers suspect bosses breaking overtime laws. SMEs urged to get savvy on their obligationsPatrick StaffordSmartCompany6 September 2012
My very efficient PA can't keep her legs together (if you get my drift). Is that reason enough to move her on?Aunty BSmartCompany20 August 2012
NSW Government-owned energy company loses Fair Work bid for urine samples in drug testingPatrick StaffordSmartCompany15 August 2012
ACTU renews push for joint-responsibility employmentPatrick StaffordSmartCompany25 July 2012
Five things you may not know about the Fair Work ActOliver MilmanStartup Smart26 June 2012
The legal dangers of hiring through social mediaPatrick StaffordSmartCompany22 March 2012
My pregnant employee won't tell me if she's coming back to work!Aunty BSmartCompany20 March 2012
Number of days lost to strikes leaps 90%James ThomsonSmartCompany9 March 2012
Unfair dismissals rise by 2.5% as businesses look to settle claimsPatrick StaffordSmartCompany1 February 2012
Fair Work review should focus on adverse action, unfair dismissal protections, workplace legal expert saysPatrick StaffordSmartCompany21 December 2011
How do I ensure a lawsuit doesn't arise from the work Christmas party?James Omond & Peter VitaleStartup Smart15 December 2011
Fair Work says employer can trade higher pay for less annual leaveMyriam RobinSmartCompany30 November 2011
Quarter of managers use social media to screen candidates, but legal expert urges caution on discrimination lawsMyriam RobinSmartCompany28 November 2011
Qantas talks reach 21-day deadline: What's likely under arbitration?Madeleine HeffernanSmartCompany21 November 2011
Discussion on Fair Work Australia following the recent Qantas and Nursing StrikesTom Elliott3AW17 November 2011
Government backing for pay equity case to have limited private sector impact: ExpertsMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany11 November 2011
COSBOA calls for separate industrial relations laws for SMEsMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany2 November 2011
Fashion group hit with Fair Work Australia ruling that redundancies were not genuineMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany24 October 2011
Employers warned on employee representation rights as employer group wins Fair Work Australia appealMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany19 October 2011
AIG pressures Government for Fair Work overhaul, continues calls for more flexible agreementsPatrick StaffordSmartCompany5 September 2011
Tony Abbott signals IR changes, expert backs move towards improved individual agreementsJames ThomsonSmartCompany1 September 2011
Employers warned to make policies clear as teacher wins $17,000 of compensation in swearing caseMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany4 August 2011
Air traffic controller sues for bullying, sex discrimination, over workforce pornographyMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany2 August 2011
SMEs on notice as new Victorian equal opportunity laws kick inMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany2 August 2011
Is go-away money back?Madeleine HeffernanSmartCompany13 July 2011
Victoria to impose new IR rules on state-funded projectsMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany23 June 2011
Liberal MP calls for employers to put IR back on the agendaMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany16 June 2011
Victoria backs appeal against key IR ruling on union emailMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany8 June 2011
James Warburton case highlights need for clear contracts to protect from employee defections: IR lawyersMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany13 May 2011
Union pushes to change workplace spying rules, employers warned to give notice of surveillancePatrick StaffordSmartCompany2 May 2011
IBM Australia hit by $1.1m sexual harassment and bullying claimMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany15 April 2011
Strike action at big employers could scare SMEs into not bargaining hard enoughMadeleine HeffernanSmartCompany7 April 2011
Warburton case prompts legal warning for businessesMichelle HammondStartupSmart23 March 2011
Commonwealth Bank social media policy raises questions over control of employee actions onlinePatrick StaffordSmartCompany23 March 2011
Small businesses warned to watch out for unfair dismissal rule changeJames ThomsonSmartCompany5 January 2011
Booze, sex and social media - what employers need to watch at the Christmas partyPatrick StaffordSmartCompany16 December 2010
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry claims Fair Work laws make it too easy to strikeJames ThomsonSmartCompany8 December 2010
Strike action threatens Christmas trading as calls grow for review of workplace lawsJames ThomsonSmartCompany6 December 2010
Fair Work Australia statistics cast doubt on whether small business checklist will help SMEs in unfair dismissal casesJames ThomsonSmartCompany27 October 2010
Court decision shows how employers can prevent ex-staff taking clientsJames ThomsonSmartCompany22 October 2010
Unfair dismissal claims climb 35% under Fair Work Act; expert disputes Government claim "go away" money is backJames ThomsonSmartCompany14 October 2010
DJs will be keen for a settlement after publicity blitzJames ThomsonCrikey31 August 2010
How expectant mothers cope in the workplaceLucinda SchmidtThe Age16 August 2010
Bad timing: Flexible work shock in store for 2010James ThomsonNineMSN Money / SmartCompany1 December 2009
Bully for who?Lucinda SchmidtThe Age13 April 2009
Actor 'ripped off' son tooMichael Bachelard and Misha SchubertThe Age7 August 2007
Security company facing prosecution for underpaying staff $62,000Yolanda RedrupSmartCompany5 July 2005

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